Héctor Andujar, Jr.
Director, Adult & Teen Challenge New Hampshire

Héctor graduated the Adult & Teen Challenge program on June 26, 2015.  Having an extensive background in sales and marketing, he has served as the Development Supervisor since 2015, responsible for coordinating and overseeing various aspects of fundraising and community outreaches, such as the Ride for Freedom, Golf Tournament, Fall Banquet, Gift Wrapping, Church Services and End Addiction Teams.  Over the years Héctor has grown these fundraisers significantly, bringing more awareness to the program and putting operating systems and procedures in place to bring more efficiency and effectiveness to the program.  In 2018 he was promoted to Assistant Director and in 2021 to Associate Director.

Héctor enrolled in Global University in 2018 and has his Ministry License with the Assemblies of God Fellowship, with a goal of becoming an Ordained Minister by 2022.  As he continues his spiritual journey, he has done more preaching and public speaking, and speaks on behalf of Adult & Teen Challenge throughout the region.

Héctor and his wife Carmen, who is the Administrative Assistant at the New Hampshire center, facilitate Family Ministry each month, providing a time and atmosphere that is conducive to healing and restoration for residents and their families.  They also meet with other couples to offer guidance and encouragement in the journey they have also traveled.

As Associate Director, Héctor oversees the staff and challenges them daily to grow and improve, and make Adult & Teen Challenge an increasingly better program so that many will have the opportunity that he did to be saved, transformed, and live a purpose driven life for God.

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