Jordan Michael

Jordan graduated the Adult & Teen Challenge program on May 4th, 2022 and, recognizing a call from God, then completed an apprenticeship and joined the staff team.

Jordan is multi-talented and has served in many areas of the ministry in his short time here. He has helped with some renovations, participates in Supervision at the center, served in Development, and currently serves in the Academics Center. 

In this role he is able to share his experience and education with the men going through the program, helping them learn and apply biblical principles as he creates their syllabus and tailors it specifically to meet the needs of each person in what they are needing at that time.  He also runs the Group Studies, does one-on-one mentoring, and helps anywhere else needed.  He is extremely valuable in his ability to do many things well.

Ultimately, Jordan desires to help residents overcome their life controlling issues that have brought them to the program and his job is to encourage and comfort them in the times of need and to help guide them closer to God so they can have the freedom that Jordan has received from Jesus Christ.

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